A Big Thank You Note to 2016 Throwback!


Before the year ends... I like to look back and Thanks 2016 for such an amazing year for me. It was a year of ups and downs and the year made me even more responsible, mature, strong headed and improve my overall personality. I just want you to take a tour of my life in 2016 and want everyone to celebrate a New Year with New Hope and Happiness.

Below the list of Thank You for 2016 Throwback:
  1. The year starts with a nostalgic trip to Shantiniketan (where I spend my 2-years of Post Graduation life). Back there after 6 years was an amazing feeling for me.
  2. I had some big fights in family, which made me realize who I am and what I want from life. Sometimes family fights are the result of emotional outburst, but at the same time, you get to understand the opposite person’s thinking ability. At the end, hurting others should not be your intention, but It is your life and you know your life better than anyone else. A quote from a film Dear Zindagi : "Agar hum apni zindagi ka steering wheel apne haath mein nahi lenge na … toh koi doosra driver seat par baith jayega". Isn’t it? 
  3. I became spiritually inclined and find solace both mentally and physically to structure my life in better ways and freed myself from unnecessary thoughts. This helps me in getting recognition for my words and writing.
  4. Took courses in Digital Marketing Diploma and Nutrition helped me realize that knowledge has more power than anything else.
  5. A big transformation happened to me bodily. My weight loss journey with SQUATS brings on more positive and confidence inside me. I understood that “ Dieting is Fun” and there is no substitute of GOOD HEALTH. I recommend you to stay healthy, eat smartly and live happily.

  6. Some pending family wishes were finally fulfilled and both I and my husband work hard to accomplish our dreams. It feels great when your support system always stay beside you.
  7. We planned our 3rd Anniversary Trip this year and this was long waited holiday for us. Watched some incredible movies this year, which became an inspiration to perform much better in the life's race.
  8. Two family weddings, one from my in-laws side and one from my family side was ‘icing on the cake’    because I got time to spend some quality time with my family members from both side. It’s therapeutic!
  9. This year, thumbs up to Me because iPad was finally in my kitty bag for taking my blogging spirit to the next level. Also, invest on home  electronic appliances and I literally become the smart “Woman of the House” and trying hands in healthy cooking.
  10. Coming to the end of the year, my Christmas and New Year Celebration will always remain  memorable for me.
A Big Thank You to 2016 for being tough and kind at the same time and help me understand what I deserve from Life. For 2017, I do not have any expectations, nor do I have any resolutions. All I want is to “Go with the Flow” and want to open the mystery box of Life as it comes.

Lastly I want to end again with a quote from Dear Zindagi where SRK said "Hum hamesha muskil raasta kyu chunte hai, zaroori kaam ke liye? Kya pata aasaan raaste se bhi kaam ho jaaye.." (Why we choose difficult path for any important work? Who knows, the simple path can complete our work)... It is so very true because Life is simple and we should not make it complex at all. 

My friends, if you want to say Thank You to 2016, then what will there be in your list for a big Thank You.?

Share and Spread Love, I am happy to hear from you all.

Happy New Year and Have a blast!

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  1. There would be good things and not so good things in my 2016 Thank You - but there is also much trepidation here in the United States regarding what 2017 will bring. It would be nice if we could keep life simple.

  2. Hi Alana, hope this new year lots of positiveness in your life and yes we should always keep our life simple to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness and peace.

  3. Wow! It certainly was a big year for you. Wishing you an equally, if not more, exciting 2017.

    1. Thanks Corinne, yah! I hope so....Happy New Year to you and your family....

  4. Good to have read about your 2016, Dipannita. I hope you have a great year ahead in 2017 too :) And yes, the quote from Dear Zindagi makes absolute sense.

  5. Thanks Maliny...Happy New Year to you too and your family...

  6. Thanks Maliny...Happy New Year to you too and your family...

  7. And thank you for being around and blessing the internet with your presence.
    Happy 2017!


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