"No Expectations No Resolutions" this 2017


A new year, a new week and some fresh feeling, over a cup of coffee sitting beside the windowpane....

Today, it is foggy morning in Kolkata due to the Low Pressure created on the sea. At last, Kolkata is enjoying a bit of winter though its only momentary, but still the feeling is just awesome.

It is a day of inspiration, to motivate oneself and lead a path of positive. Let's make it "No Expectations No Resolutions" year because they only bind you to certain limit. We must accept all the things coming our way, good or bad does not matter, but the thing which matter is your TRUESELF. After all, it is your decision to choose "what is right"and "how bad things to avoid". Isn't it?

I know, sometimes it is very tough to take certain decisions in life and you need to compromise with yourself. But, the ultimate challenge is to be happy and you should ask yourself "Are you happy with your compromise?" Listen to your inner self and if the answer is "YES", then there is no harm in making small compromises. But, if the answer is "NO", then you should come out from the situation and do what is right for you.

Saying NO is not selfishness, but it is about your mind and attitude. Initially, people will criticize you, but at the end your will earn more respect from others because of your strong decisions about life.

Let's Start 2017 with some inspiring words from Swami Vivekananda:

(NOTE: All the quotes images are from Google)


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  1. I get what you're saying completely. I moved from resolutions to visioning and having a word for the year and it works for me.
    May you have a fantastic year ahead.

    1. Thanks Corinne...Resolutions are like promises and once we cannot fulfill our resolutions, for a moment we feel sad inside. So, I think it is better to accept the situations as it comes... You have a great year ahead and all my blessings are with you.

  2. You said it right -If resolutions start hurting us and steal our happiness , whats the point. For me it will be minimalism I will practice because it is already making me happy. I liked the last quote the most. Thanks for sharing. #modaymusings

    1. Thanks Upasna.... may you have a great year ahead!


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